Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Advice

My girl friend Shirese is of the view that I should leave my braids in a little longer and then when I take them out to put back more braids in my hair. I think that could work once I think of more ways I could get these braids styled up. So, for the New Year I will still be rocking my braids. Woohooo :D Lets see how that works out. I was so looking forward to getting my hair treated and perm :( aww well guess i'll have to wait! I feel am jus miserable and longing to see my hair. I have been delaying going to the salon but once again i was advice that I could get my braids styled up without having to use excessive amount of gel.

So it looks like i'll be going to the salon soon. Sometimes its good to ask people's ideas and suggestions. Going into the New Year I pray that I continue to have this great interest for my hair and all the products that I got to experiment with. Sometimes we get tired of things after awhile so am jus hoping I continue to be this into my hair like I am right now 27.12.2012.

Wishing everyone a safe 2013 and thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

From one Protective Style to the next.....

Sometimes weaving and braiding of the hair really is just the absolute best option as it relates to being protective. For the first time am not in no hurry to be changing up my hair and am jus allowing it to get some well needed rest. I can already see lots and lots of new growth :) which is jus awesome. I mentioned sometime before that i was thinking about styling up my braids and i still haven't am jus sooo dreading doing that and the last time this girl did it she had to cut off her hair cause they were knotted up from the am jus gong to stick to moisturizing with my doo gro shine, my braids spray and my hair fertilizer. I am still not sure though of how long i'll be leaving these braids in my hair its been almost five weeks :0 am surprising myself more and more. I guess am really into my Hair Journey goals this time around.

Christmas is jus around the corner.....yes like 2 days away :))))))) can you believe that? I definitely have no plans of taking them out before Christmas but I guess I will for the new year 2013. I dont have alot of time to work with if I plan on getting my hair perm and back into another protective style but we'll see. Am kind of running out of things to do with my braids lol. All in all my mission for healthier, rapid renewal of my edges have been completed and am jus looking forward to what challenges 2013 have in store for me.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good News

I am guilty of charge of not keeping up with my Hair journey blog but if you can only imagine my schedule you would perfectly understand.....I have recently been very active in Church so along with the various practices that I have to do my weeks/weekends are just not the same. However, I will soon be back in full effect, we finally did our dance that we've been rehearsing for ages and everyone enjoyed it.

Back to the good news!
Everyone has been talking about how nicely my hairline has been growing back :)))))))) yeahhhhhh
At first i thought they were jus over reacting but then when I heard my bf saying "babes that Virgin Hair Fertilizer that you're using is really filling out your hair line" i was like reallllllyyyyyyyyy :)))))
Lol yes I am super excited.

You wonder how am finding time to be blogging? well good news is Today is my shopping day. A day that the Govt gives you to take care of your business!!!! OR SHOULD I SAY PLEASURE :)
Sad for me I did all my shopping on Saturday when everything was less 10% ABST so i literally bought every possible thing you can think of that I needed so no shopping for me today but lots of washing.   Life of a working mother!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still alive

Hey everybody I promise am still alive.....stll doing my moisturizing and taking care of my Braids etc...I have been utilizing my Hair Fertilizer and so far I have been seeing great results. Jus a quick update on my hair journey!

So now that my hair is braided am thinking about styling up my braids but the only thing am thinking about is the amount of gel these people going to put in my hair if I attempt to do that!   Hmmmm we shall see.

I have an event to attend on Sunday so i will probably get my hair sorted out sometime between tomorrow and Saturday.... I promise I will try to update as soon as possible. Jus been  busy with work etc. Being back out on the job takes up 95% of my already hectic life.

My mission however with braiding my hair is to try and get back my hairline in shape :)  Some people argue that braids pull out their hair but not in my opinion! I already did my before picture and sometime in the New Year I will take another pic and do a comparison! Until then, Happy Hair Journey everybody!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Virgin Hair Fertilizer

I am in love with this product for many reasons:

1. it grows back the hair rapidly

2. It strengthens the hair while repairing it back to healthy hair

3. restore hairline/edges

This is my nw favorite product i squeeze a small amount on the tip of my finger and apply it all over my hairline. I will continue to apply my hair fertilizer twice a day until I take out my braids which will be sometime next year!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Loving my Braids

So I have my hair braided :D and am inlove with it! I dont have my cord to take these pics out my phone but I will try and do it tomorrow! I sat for 7 long hours on Saturday and am planning to let these braids last me through out the new year. I was told by my mum-in-law about a product I can rub along my hair line to prevent the braids from causing any severe damages to my edges. So am planning on buying one and using it. Until then HHJ - Happy Hair Journey Everybody!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Relax Day 22nd November, 2012

I relaxed my hair yesterday 22nd November, 2012 with the thought that i was going to weave back my hair however, i've decided to braid my hair instead so now am wondering if the relaxing thingy was a good idea! Sigh......Am going to try relaxing every 10 weeks and see how that works out for me so my next relaxing day is 24th January, 2012 x__x I doubt i'll be able to hold out so long without relaxing  but we will see.!

Just a Few Healthy Hair Tips to Start Your Hair Journey

1. Start with a fresh trim.

Start with a nice, fresh trim. If your hair ends are severely damaged cut off those thin, damaged and brittle ends. Broken ends which are severely damaged and thin cannot be made healthy again no matter what product you use or what it promises.

2. Take hair pictures and start hair care journal.

Write down your thoughts and feelings about your hair, hair goals and the time frame you want to achieve them? Do you desire thickness, length or both? Take pictures of your hair every month or every relaxer to monitor your hair's progress. It amazing to see hair transform from thin and lifeless to thick and beautiful!

3. Clip those ends.

Clipping your ends at every 8 - 12 weeks depending with very sharp scissors. Clipping off 1/8 to 1/4 inch every 2-3 months will still allow you to retain length. Prevent split ends before they start because you can’t repair them once they are here.

4. If you choose to shampoo, shampoo 1-2 per week.

Always use a moisturizing shampoo (sulfate-free)! Many of us were taught to shampoo our hair monthly but this only results in dry hair. Water is the supreme form of moisture. Dry hair needs moisture. For growth to occur, it is very important to keep your scalp clean and healthy. To prevent tangling, it is best to shampoo in the shower. Focus on the scalp and work your way through to the hair ends. Don't pile all of your hair on the top of your head. This will cause tangling and breakage.

5. Deep condition with high quality protein and / or moisturizing conditioner weekly.

Deep condition your hair with plastic cap under the dryer at lease once per week! Moisturizing deep conditioners penetrate the cortex layer of the hair infusing moisture into the hair strand. Protein conditioners strengthen the hair by penetrating the cortex and adding amino acids to the areas of the hair strands that are weak. Use good quality penetrating water based deep conditioner with lots of slip to detangle the hair. If you are unable to deep condition under a dryer, apply a warm towel on your hair then apply a plastic cap and leave on for at least 15 minutes. Another option is to apply a deep penetrating conditioner to your hair followed by a plastic cap at night before sleeping. In the morning, rinse out the conditioner and style as usual.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner.

This is important! A high quality leave in conditioner will moisturize, detangle and protect the hair when heat styling. Leave-in conditioners will also prevent breakage and protect the hair from weather damage.

7. Look at your stash of products!

Read the ingredients on all of your hair care products. Don’t use products containing petrolatum and mineral oil to moisturize your hair. Products containing these ingredients will only coat the hair and not penetrate the hair strand. Therefore, the hair will not be moisturized. Stay away from alcohol based products as these will lead to hair that is dry, brittle and prone to breakage i.e. hair spray, gels, mousses and spritz.

8. Keep moisture in the hair.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Protective Wrap

Since am on vacation it makes it much easier for me to wear my protective style without having to take it down right away. I need more protective style ideas if i may jus add that in lol, however today am working my hair in a wrap! I am usually very good at wrapping my hair but today am jus not in the mood.. so i pour some hair lotion into my palms and ran them through my hair then i use my wide tooth comb and comb through my hair in order to spread the lotion evenly through out my hair. Then i wrapped my hair and covered it with a satin wrap so that the moisture would stay in my hair.... It its advised that moisture in the hair is very good for the hair it prevents dryness which leads to breakage. I am very excited that i got the weave out my hair and actually got hands on experience in molding my hair and applyling my Doo Gro products and officially starting my HAIR JOURNEY. Also, it is very important to stick with one (1) line of products because then you will know which product works best for your hair and if you're using more than one it would be difficult to determine which product is responsible for growth or failure. The only other product i use except my Doo Gro Shampoo, Conditioner, Polish and Hair lotion is the Castor oil and i only use the Castor oil for my edges.

I took out my weave-My journey have started

So yesterday my bestie came over and we agreed that it was time to get this weave out my hair and thats what we did lol... Uhmm as I predicted my hair ends were a mess and my edges were MESSED UP *BAWLS*. However, thank God for my DOO GRO products because they worked a miracle in my hair yesterday the combination of the shampoo and condition did restore my damaged hair. Did I mention that thse products smell extremely wonderful! OMG! Anyways my girlfrend took a few pics of my hair so I shall be updating in a short while..... This was my hair like 2 seconds after i took out my weave....

This was my hair during the condition stage....I had to shampoo myself so there are no shampoo pics.. wish i could have left this in is great! It made my hair very easy to manage and I was left smiling like a satisfied customer. I am very impressed with all my Doo Gro products... Would you believe that my hair is in dire need of a perm but you would never be able to tell because after using the products i didnt get the after wash puffy hair feeling. My hair was  very detangable if that's a word lol and very manageable. Definitely not the usual shampoo/condition experience at all....

Can you believe that after trying to rest my hair by weaving it, that there was more damages done than good??? smh!
The good thing is, before i had put weave in my hair i wasn't using anything in my hair and they were in a very bad state however, now that i hav all these great products.... the end result next time should be a success.
So i am back to neck length and a perfect trim, such a great way to start this hair journey of mine.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Princess End Result

After her hair was conditioned and dried I did her Protective style by parting her hair off in three and plaiting the ends to prevent them from breakage and exposure. Her hair was not only smelling great but they were extra soft and manageable...she too was fascinated with her hair as I was. I am not sure if am going to continue washing her hair with my shampoo and condition  cause she has her own baby products. However, after experimenting I can say so far the end result was amazing.. 

My daughter experimented with me :)

So usually when I pick up my daughter on Sundays her hair is already wash, unfortunatly this week they did not get a chance to wash her hair so after picking her up from Willikies this morning....the task was upon me. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! There I was dying to try out these great products i got from my mum and the opportunity presented itself. I decided to wash my Princess hair using the DOO GRO shampoo nd the conditioner.....The experience was fantastic and the results were great...She was jus excited to get her hair wash lol.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Curious me....

So out of curiosity I decided to try one of my products lastnight to attend an event #ULTRA my hair/ weave was absolutely shiny and nice. I tried the Doo Gro Shine and Repair product and it smelled really great and my hair got an extra boost... I am happy so far so thats 1/4 the others to be tried sometime next month....i wish i had a pic of my nice shiny hair but i was in the mirror too busy concentrating on myslf. However, more updates coming soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting to know the PRODUCTS

So this is the Triple Strength Repai and i read further it states that it helps repair hair and protect against breakage. Also Fizz protection. As you notice it is still sealed with tape...thats because I still have weave in my hair and wont be able to sample any of these products right now :( jus have to put them on my dressing table and admire them.
This is the Triple Strength Anti- Breakage Growth Lotion and this also does alot for hair whn it comes to promoting strong healthy, growing hair and am all about that! Again all these products havent been sampled as yet but as soon as i do you will be the first to know...
The Conditioner combines everything stated in previous posts but what jumped out to me were the words repairs split ends and helps to stop breakage wooohooo a miracle in a bottle lol sigh....I jus want to take this weave out my hair and get STARTED!!!!

Last but not least is the Moisturizing Shampoo and this is famous for detangling and thickens your hair, repairing damaged hair....."like mine" etc..... so that's the end of my DOO GRO presentation as soon as I start sampling each and everyone I will let you know my thoughts untll then... stay tuned! Thanks MUMMY!!!

What do you know about Doo Gro?

So after talking to my mum bout my Hair Journey, she too was inspired and decided she would give me some encouragement.... surprise? well me too lol. Anywys she jus got bk from Saint Maartn on Tuesday a trip which I sponsored so as a way to show her appreciation she got me these :D Honestly I have not the slightst clue what they are....All of them are DOO GRO products which she said were highly recommened products hmmm. So I guess these will be the first product that i will be sampling as I explore my hair and embark on this journey!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Hair Length as of October 1st, 2012

So this is a picture of my hair that i took sometime last month....If you look closely you will realise my ends need clipping and I probably need a healthier look. The length is jus about at shoulder's length, however my goal length is mid back length..... After a perm maybe on the 30th November, 2012 I will be posting a picture of what changes have taken place.

Review of my hair

I have weave sewn into my hair so tht I can give them a rest....Today makes 3 weeks since i've had my hair like this, which means they probably need a good wash, perm, trim etc! I cant tell the last time that i've treated my hair. I have lost all interest in *hair control* just so much other things to be done! However, all excuses aside I must say that am etremely excited to be starting over this journey. As soon as i take out this weave I will post a pic of the condtion of my hair....then i will purchase my hair items and as i go along I will be doing my before and after pic rituals while i experiment on which products work best for my hair.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Healthier...Longer Hair -Mission Statement

So am on a journey to have longer hair.....uhmmm I know its probably the hardest thing ever....but you know what, am up for the challenge. Last yr I joined Hairlista.Inc actually it taught me alot about what I needed to know about hair and all the Do's and Dont's. However, being a mother does not gve me enough time in a day to be taking care of *my hair* So I slowly but surely was not taking in the information like I was suppose to and as a result (I was a hairlista dropped out). I really want to do better and am going to take all those lil steps that's neccessary to bring my hair back from the dead. So i will be seeking advice as I go along and I dont have a camera right now but hopefully I will be able to update my hair progress as i embark on this journey! WISH ME LUCK!