Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Look 3.3.2013

Hey Everybody.... am still here hanging on doing my part in reaching where I want to reach in my overall hair journey experience.... Yesterday after walking up and down town I got tempted to do something with my hair....for the past few weeks I have somehow started to feel like a child...doing child like things with my hair so after long contemplating I decided to go to the salon Glorias Beauty Salon and put in a sew in....Its different definitely the first time trying it out. I got a few compliments but the only one I needed to hear it from, I got it... so am all smiles... I love sew- ins because my hair gets a chance to rest and in the mornings I can focus on other important things than me and my hair struggle.... Its fun, it's different, It me! Not sure how long am going to keep in my new weave cause my bday coming up on the 20th but we will see...Until further update Happy hair journey everybody!