Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Advice

My girl friend Shirese is of the view that I should leave my braids in a little longer and then when I take them out to put back more braids in my hair. I think that could work once I think of more ways I could get these braids styled up. So, for the New Year I will still be rocking my braids. Woohooo :D Lets see how that works out. I was so looking forward to getting my hair treated and perm :( aww well guess i'll have to wait! I feel am jus miserable and longing to see my hair. I have been delaying going to the salon but once again i was advice that I could get my braids styled up without having to use excessive amount of gel.

So it looks like i'll be going to the salon soon. Sometimes its good to ask people's ideas and suggestions. Going into the New Year I pray that I continue to have this great interest for my hair and all the products that I got to experiment with. Sometimes we get tired of things after awhile so am jus hoping I continue to be this into my hair like I am right now 27.12.2012.

Wishing everyone a safe 2013 and thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to comment.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

From one Protective Style to the next.....

Sometimes weaving and braiding of the hair really is just the absolute best option as it relates to being protective. For the first time am not in no hurry to be changing up my hair and am jus allowing it to get some well needed rest. I can already see lots and lots of new growth :) which is jus awesome. I mentioned sometime before that i was thinking about styling up my braids and i still haven't am jus sooo dreading doing that and the last time this girl did it she had to cut off her hair cause they were knotted up from the am jus gong to stick to moisturizing with my doo gro shine, my braids spray and my hair fertilizer. I am still not sure though of how long i'll be leaving these braids in my hair its been almost five weeks :0 am surprising myself more and more. I guess am really into my Hair Journey goals this time around.

Christmas is jus around the corner.....yes like 2 days away :))))))) can you believe that? I definitely have no plans of taking them out before Christmas but I guess I will for the new year 2013. I dont have alot of time to work with if I plan on getting my hair perm and back into another protective style but we'll see. Am kind of running out of things to do with my braids lol. All in all my mission for healthier, rapid renewal of my edges have been completed and am jus looking forward to what challenges 2013 have in store for me.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good News

I am guilty of charge of not keeping up with my Hair journey blog but if you can only imagine my schedule you would perfectly understand.....I have recently been very active in Church so along with the various practices that I have to do my weeks/weekends are just not the same. However, I will soon be back in full effect, we finally did our dance that we've been rehearsing for ages and everyone enjoyed it.

Back to the good news!
Everyone has been talking about how nicely my hairline has been growing back :)))))))) yeahhhhhh
At first i thought they were jus over reacting but then when I heard my bf saying "babes that Virgin Hair Fertilizer that you're using is really filling out your hair line" i was like reallllllyyyyyyyyy :)))))
Lol yes I am super excited.

You wonder how am finding time to be blogging? well good news is Today is my shopping day. A day that the Govt gives you to take care of your business!!!! OR SHOULD I SAY PLEASURE :)
Sad for me I did all my shopping on Saturday when everything was less 10% ABST so i literally bought every possible thing you can think of that I needed so no shopping for me today but lots of washing.   Life of a working mother!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still alive

Hey everybody I promise am still alive.....stll doing my moisturizing and taking care of my Braids etc...I have been utilizing my Hair Fertilizer and so far I have been seeing great results. Jus a quick update on my hair journey!

So now that my hair is braided am thinking about styling up my braids but the only thing am thinking about is the amount of gel these people going to put in my hair if I attempt to do that!   Hmmmm we shall see.

I have an event to attend on Sunday so i will probably get my hair sorted out sometime between tomorrow and Saturday.... I promise I will try to update as soon as possible. Jus been  busy with work etc. Being back out on the job takes up 95% of my already hectic life.

My mission however with braiding my hair is to try and get back my hairline in shape :)  Some people argue that braids pull out their hair but not in my opinion! I already did my before picture and sometime in the New Year I will take another pic and do a comparison! Until then, Happy Hair Journey everybody!