Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My First Bang

So I went to the Beauty Salon on Sunday...and got my hair washed and styled...I am not a fan of spritz but I love my BANG! Thats it for now... until we chat again!! Feel free to comment....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

So I read a couple reviews on this product and I think its exactly what my hair needs for extra thickenss and growth...I definitely will be adding it to my wish list....I am on a search to find places in Antigua that sells this product that alot of people have been raving about...I am ready to let my hair down for a change knowing that its healthier.... A woman's hair is definitely her beauty!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Am getting there

Hey every one....dont think I have abandoned my Hair Journey at all... I am still doing everything I possible can do to complete my mission of longer, healthier hair. I have been washing every weekend and more and more I am enjoying my washing process. In addition, I wrap my hair every night in an effort to protect my ends. I did a mini perm 2 weeks ago on 10th April, 2013 and this was my hair length as of the date...

I was never a fan of clipping my edges but lately it has proved to be a better way for my hair to breathe. I will try to do an update atleast once a month...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Look 3.3.2013

Hey Everybody.... am still here hanging on doing my part in reaching where I want to reach in my overall hair journey experience.... Yesterday after walking up and down town I got tempted to do something with my hair....for the past few weeks I have somehow started to feel like a child...doing child like things with my hair so after long contemplating I decided to go to the salon Glorias Beauty Salon and put in a sew in....Its different definitely the first time trying it out. I got a few compliments but the only one I needed to hear it from, I got it... so am all smiles... I love sew- ins because my hair gets a chance to rest and in the mornings I can focus on other important things than me and my hair struggle.... Its fun, it's different, It me! Not sure how long am going to keep in my new weave cause my bday coming up on the 20th but we will see...Until further update Happy hair journey everybody!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Against all odds...

My hair is so THIN right now that am on the verge of going crazy...If anyone knows of anything i could put in my hair to thicken it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Over the weekend i was so depress with my light head of hair that i decided to add a few pieces in my hair....i sat and sewed them in myself! Just another form of protective style to last me until my Bday :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Perm Day.... 24-01-13

So yesterday I decided to perm my hair and I closed my eyes because I did not know what to expect!
After the 9 weeks stretch from braiding my hair  I am excited to reveal that I got an extra 3 inches of hair... Uhmmm I am not sure if its progress but its definitely extra hair and any thing extra is jus perfect news for me! I was too tired to take pics but soon and very soon  I will get back into the mood. I did my usual DOO GRO wash, conditioning, treat, moisturizing and polish :) In addition, i am still using my hair fertilizer. I am ready to go back into my Protective Style not sure what I want to do with my hair as yet so am slowly but surely thinking about something.

Happy Hair Journey to Everybody and Thanks for reading my Blog. Feel free to comment!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My own Mission for 2013

As much as I was trying to hold out until the end of January to get my hair loose out...It has now become a lil impossible and so I will be getting these braids out of my hair ON OR BEFORE THE WEEKEND....(8 weeks) is definitely an accomplishment and as disappointed as I may be at the moment that I couldnt make a 10 week stretch I know its all good :) I have gone over and beyond my limit! Never expected these braids would even last a month much less 8 weeks so am proud of myself none-the-less. So thats my latest update....
After the ENTIRE (loose out hair), (perm hair), (treat hair) fiesta I will be doing some uploadments lol.... So until then..... "HAPPY HAIR JOURNEY EVERYBODY!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Salon Day Today

So am jus returning home from the salon and I cant believe I got my hair wash and styled up exactly how I wanted it without having to use so much gel...I jus got my edges touched up with a lil and my hair was sprayed with some braid sheen. Sigh, my hairdresser confirmed that if she was to interlock my hair with the gel it would definitely begin to lock, so she jus styled them as is and used a lil gel in the front and the back.....I will be taking them out maybe by the end of January and the last thing I need is my hair interlock Lol... So this is a pic that I took with my lil style....

Lucky for me am a regular so she didnt charge it was like my belated Christmas present yeaaaa me #winning....So since my hair is style up the most I can do is to continue applying my hair fertlizer, my braids spray sheen and a lil castor oil around my edges!

This is a pic of my hair....It feels a lil heavy but I guess the pressure will go away after awhile.

I know that once I put my mind to it that this style could last me for a very very long time....and to say I was on the verge of loosing them out because I was running out of things to do with them...smh! Sometimes all it takes is a lil patience....look who's talking right lol I seriously didnt know that my braid still had so much potential.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Happy New Year Everybody.....OMG And A Happy Hair Journey 2013!!!!!!
Its been ages since I had a photo moment........ with Christmas and the whole New Year bizarre I didnt find the most appropriate time to blog about my hair. However, now all that's over here goes.....I have been talking forever about this Virgin Hair Fertilizer that I bought for my edges and guess what it worked wonders for my edges....You can check it out at any African store in the city.

Exhibit A

This is the product that is reponsible for all my new found edges!!!!!!! Once upon a time I had no hair to feel or touch  I had absolutely no hairline......but as a result of using a bit of this product every morning and every night before I go to bed, I can honestlly say this is the greatest results i've ever gotten from a single product. My review of Virgin Hair Fertilizer was a huge success and I am living proof that this magic product really does work!

What you are seeing here is a pic of my hairline now that there is actual hair....I was too embarassed to post my before pic actually I think i even deleted it....sigh, thats how depress i was. Anways this is a pic of the condition of my edges after using Virgin Hair Fertilizer. You can actually feel and see the hair!!!! I am too excited that words cant even explain. I literallly had no hair whatsoever.....My edges were bald plaited and now there is hair :D....I will definitely continue to use my fertilizer...This product is highly recommended! Hair has actually started to replace the baldness..