Saturday, January 5, 2013

Salon Day Today

So am jus returning home from the salon and I cant believe I got my hair wash and styled up exactly how I wanted it without having to use so much gel...I jus got my edges touched up with a lil and my hair was sprayed with some braid sheen. Sigh, my hairdresser confirmed that if she was to interlock my hair with the gel it would definitely begin to lock, so she jus styled them as is and used a lil gel in the front and the back.....I will be taking them out maybe by the end of January and the last thing I need is my hair interlock Lol... So this is a pic that I took with my lil style....

Lucky for me am a regular so she didnt charge it was like my belated Christmas present yeaaaa me #winning....So since my hair is style up the most I can do is to continue applying my hair fertlizer, my braids spray sheen and a lil castor oil around my edges!

This is a pic of my hair....It feels a lil heavy but I guess the pressure will go away after awhile.

I know that once I put my mind to it that this style could last me for a very very long time....and to say I was on the verge of loosing them out because I was running out of things to do with them...smh! Sometimes all it takes is a lil patience....look who's talking right lol I seriously didnt know that my braid still had so much potential.

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