Friday, January 4, 2013


Happy New Year Everybody.....OMG And A Happy Hair Journey 2013!!!!!!
Its been ages since I had a photo moment........ with Christmas and the whole New Year bizarre I didnt find the most appropriate time to blog about my hair. However, now all that's over here goes.....I have been talking forever about this Virgin Hair Fertilizer that I bought for my edges and guess what it worked wonders for my edges....You can check it out at any African store in the city.

Exhibit A

This is the product that is reponsible for all my new found edges!!!!!!! Once upon a time I had no hair to feel or touch  I had absolutely no hairline......but as a result of using a bit of this product every morning and every night before I go to bed, I can honestlly say this is the greatest results i've ever gotten from a single product. My review of Virgin Hair Fertilizer was a huge success and I am living proof that this magic product really does work!

What you are seeing here is a pic of my hairline now that there is actual hair....I was too embarassed to post my before pic actually I think i even deleted it....sigh, thats how depress i was. Anways this is a pic of the condition of my edges after using Virgin Hair Fertilizer. You can actually feel and see the hair!!!! I am too excited that words cant even explain. I literallly had no hair whatsoever.....My edges were bald plaited and now there is hair :D....I will definitely continue to use my fertilizer...This product is highly recommended! Hair has actually started to replace the baldness..


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  1. Go girl I see the edges coming together very well