Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Advice

My girl friend Shirese is of the view that I should leave my braids in a little longer and then when I take them out to put back more braids in my hair. I think that could work once I think of more ways I could get these braids styled up. So, for the New Year I will still be rocking my braids. Woohooo :D Lets see how that works out. I was so looking forward to getting my hair treated and perm :( aww well guess i'll have to wait! I feel am jus miserable and longing to see my hair. I have been delaying going to the salon but once again i was advice that I could get my braids styled up without having to use excessive amount of gel.

So it looks like i'll be going to the salon soon. Sometimes its good to ask people's ideas and suggestions. Going into the New Year I pray that I continue to have this great interest for my hair and all the products that I got to experiment with. Sometimes we get tired of things after awhile so am jus hoping I continue to be this into my hair like I am right now 27.12.2012.

Wishing everyone a safe 2013 and thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to comment.

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