Monday, December 17, 2012

Good News

I am guilty of charge of not keeping up with my Hair journey blog but if you can only imagine my schedule you would perfectly understand.....I have recently been very active in Church so along with the various practices that I have to do my weeks/weekends are just not the same. However, I will soon be back in full effect, we finally did our dance that we've been rehearsing for ages and everyone enjoyed it.

Back to the good news!
Everyone has been talking about how nicely my hairline has been growing back :)))))))) yeahhhhhh
At first i thought they were jus over reacting but then when I heard my bf saying "babes that Virgin Hair Fertilizer that you're using is really filling out your hair line" i was like reallllllyyyyyyyyy :)))))
Lol yes I am super excited.

You wonder how am finding time to be blogging? well good news is Today is my shopping day. A day that the Govt gives you to take care of your business!!!! OR SHOULD I SAY PLEASURE :)
Sad for me I did all my shopping on Saturday when everything was less 10% ABST so i literally bought every possible thing you can think of that I needed so no shopping for me today but lots of washing.   Life of a working mother!

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