Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still alive

Hey everybody I promise am still alive.....stll doing my moisturizing and taking care of my Braids etc...I have been utilizing my Hair Fertilizer and so far I have been seeing great results. Jus a quick update on my hair journey!

So now that my hair is braided am thinking about styling up my braids but the only thing am thinking about is the amount of gel these people going to put in my hair if I attempt to do that!   Hmmmm we shall see.

I have an event to attend on Sunday so i will probably get my hair sorted out sometime between tomorrow and Saturday.... I promise I will try to update as soon as possible. Jus been  busy with work etc. Being back out on the job takes up 95% of my already hectic life.

My mission however with braiding my hair is to try and get back my hairline in shape :)  Some people argue that braids pull out their hair but not in my opinion! I already did my before picture and sometime in the New Year I will take another pic and do a comparison! Until then, Happy Hair Journey everybody!


  1. Your braids are very nice....

  2. Let me know what you use for the edges and if it works well

    1. I use Virgin Hair Fertilizer and so far I can honestly say its working quite well.... if you scroll through my blog you will see a picture of it.