Sunday, December 23, 2012

From one Protective Style to the next.....

Sometimes weaving and braiding of the hair really is just the absolute best option as it relates to being protective. For the first time am not in no hurry to be changing up my hair and am jus allowing it to get some well needed rest. I can already see lots and lots of new growth :) which is jus awesome. I mentioned sometime before that i was thinking about styling up my braids and i still haven't am jus sooo dreading doing that and the last time this girl did it she had to cut off her hair cause they were knotted up from the am jus gong to stick to moisturizing with my doo gro shine, my braids spray and my hair fertilizer. I am still not sure though of how long i'll be leaving these braids in my hair its been almost five weeks :0 am surprising myself more and more. I guess am really into my Hair Journey goals this time around.

Christmas is jus around the corner.....yes like 2 days away :))))))) can you believe that? I definitely have no plans of taking them out before Christmas but I guess I will for the new year 2013. I dont have alot of time to work with if I plan on getting my hair perm and back into another protective style but we'll see. Am kind of running out of things to do with my braids lol. All in all my mission for healthier, rapid renewal of my edges have been completed and am jus looking forward to what challenges 2013 have in store for me.

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