Friday, January 25, 2013

Perm Day.... 24-01-13

So yesterday I decided to perm my hair and I closed my eyes because I did not know what to expect!
After the 9 weeks stretch from braiding my hair  I am excited to reveal that I got an extra 3 inches of hair... Uhmmm I am not sure if its progress but its definitely extra hair and any thing extra is jus perfect news for me! I was too tired to take pics but soon and very soon  I will get back into the mood. I did my usual DOO GRO wash, conditioning, treat, moisturizing and polish :) In addition, i am still using my hair fertilizer. I am ready to go back into my Protective Style not sure what I want to do with my hair as yet so am slowly but surely thinking about something.

Happy Hair Journey to Everybody and Thanks for reading my Blog. Feel free to comment!

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