Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting to know the PRODUCTS

So this is the Triple Strength Repai and i read further it states that it helps repair hair and protect against breakage. Also Fizz protection. As you notice it is still sealed with tape...thats because I still have weave in my hair and wont be able to sample any of these products right now :( jus have to put them on my dressing table and admire them.
This is the Triple Strength Anti- Breakage Growth Lotion and this also does alot for hair whn it comes to promoting strong healthy, growing hair and am all about that! Again all these products havent been sampled as yet but as soon as i do you will be the first to know...
The Conditioner combines everything stated in previous posts but what jumped out to me were the words repairs split ends and helps to stop breakage wooohooo a miracle in a bottle lol sigh....I jus want to take this weave out my hair and get STARTED!!!!

Last but not least is the Moisturizing Shampoo and this is famous for detangling and thickens your hair, repairing damaged hair....."like mine" etc..... so that's the end of my DOO GRO presentation as soon as I start sampling each and everyone I will let you know my thoughts untll then... stay tuned! Thanks MUMMY!!!

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