Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Protective Wrap

Since am on vacation it makes it much easier for me to wear my protective style without having to take it down right away. I need more protective style ideas if i may jus add that in lol, however today am working my hair in a wrap! I am usually very good at wrapping my hair but today am jus not in the mood.. so i pour some hair lotion into my palms and ran them through my hair then i use my wide tooth comb and comb through my hair in order to spread the lotion evenly through out my hair. Then i wrapped my hair and covered it with a satin wrap so that the moisture would stay in my hair.... It its advised that moisture in the hair is very good for the hair it prevents dryness which leads to breakage. I am very excited that i got the weave out my hair and actually got hands on experience in molding my hair and applyling my Doo Gro products and officially starting my HAIR JOURNEY. Also, it is very important to stick with one (1) line of products because then you will know which product works best for your hair and if you're using more than one it would be difficult to determine which product is responsible for growth or failure. The only other product i use except my Doo Gro Shampoo, Conditioner, Polish and Hair lotion is the Castor oil and i only use the Castor oil for my edges.


  1. How do i get started on my hair journey?

  2. First thing you do is create a blog you can do this by following my link and signing up or google....search create blog and get started!