Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I took out my weave-My journey have started

So yesterday my bestie came over and we agreed that it was time to get this weave out my hair and thats what we did lol... Uhmm as I predicted my hair ends were a mess and my edges were MESSED UP *BAWLS*. However, thank God for my DOO GRO products because they worked a miracle in my hair yesterday the combination of the shampoo and condition did restore my damaged hair. Did I mention that thse products smell extremely wonderful! OMG! Anyways my girlfrend took a few pics of my hair so I shall be updating in a short while..... This was my hair like 2 seconds after i took out my weave....

This was my hair during the condition stage....I had to shampoo myself so there are no shampoo pics.. wish i could have left this in forever...it is great! It made my hair very easy to manage and I was left smiling like a satisfied customer. I am very impressed with all my Doo Gro products... Would you believe that my hair is in dire need of a perm but you would never be able to tell because after using the products i didnt get the after wash puffy hair feeling. My hair was  very detangable if that's a word lol and very manageable. Definitely not the usual shampoo/condition experience at all....

Can you believe that after trying to rest my hair by weaving it, that there was more damages done than good??? smh!
The good thing is, before i had put weave in my hair i wasn't using anything in my hair and they were in a very bad state however, now that i hav all these great products.... the end result next time should be a success.
So i am back to neck length and a perfect trim, such a great way to start this hair journey of mine.

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