Friday, November 23, 2012

Just a Few Healthy Hair Tips to Start Your Hair Journey

1. Start with a fresh trim.

Start with a nice, fresh trim. If your hair ends are severely damaged cut off those thin, damaged and brittle ends. Broken ends which are severely damaged and thin cannot be made healthy again no matter what product you use or what it promises.

2. Take hair pictures and start hair care journal.

Write down your thoughts and feelings about your hair, hair goals and the time frame you want to achieve them? Do you desire thickness, length or both? Take pictures of your hair every month or every relaxer to monitor your hair's progress. It amazing to see hair transform from thin and lifeless to thick and beautiful!

3. Clip those ends.

Clipping your ends at every 8 - 12 weeks depending with very sharp scissors. Clipping off 1/8 to 1/4 inch every 2-3 months will still allow you to retain length. Prevent split ends before they start because you can’t repair them once they are here.

4. If you choose to shampoo, shampoo 1-2 per week.

Always use a moisturizing shampoo (sulfate-free)! Many of us were taught to shampoo our hair monthly but this only results in dry hair. Water is the supreme form of moisture. Dry hair needs moisture. For growth to occur, it is very important to keep your scalp clean and healthy. To prevent tangling, it is best to shampoo in the shower. Focus on the scalp and work your way through to the hair ends. Don't pile all of your hair on the top of your head. This will cause tangling and breakage.

5. Deep condition with high quality protein and / or moisturizing conditioner weekly.

Deep condition your hair with plastic cap under the dryer at lease once per week! Moisturizing deep conditioners penetrate the cortex layer of the hair infusing moisture into the hair strand. Protein conditioners strengthen the hair by penetrating the cortex and adding amino acids to the areas of the hair strands that are weak. Use good quality penetrating water based deep conditioner with lots of slip to detangle the hair. If you are unable to deep condition under a dryer, apply a warm towel on your hair then apply a plastic cap and leave on for at least 15 minutes. Another option is to apply a deep penetrating conditioner to your hair followed by a plastic cap at night before sleeping. In the morning, rinse out the conditioner and style as usual.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner.

This is important! A high quality leave in conditioner will moisturize, detangle and protect the hair when heat styling. Leave-in conditioners will also prevent breakage and protect the hair from weather damage.

7. Look at your stash of products!

Read the ingredients on all of your hair care products. Don’t use products containing petrolatum and mineral oil to moisturize your hair. Products containing these ingredients will only coat the hair and not penetrate the hair strand. Therefore, the hair will not be moisturized. Stay away from alcohol based products as these will lead to hair that is dry, brittle and prone to breakage i.e. hair spray, gels, mousses and spritz.

8. Keep moisture in the hair.

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