Sunday, November 11, 2012

Healthier...Longer Hair -Mission Statement

So am on a journey to have longer hair.....uhmmm I know its probably the hardest thing ever....but you know what, am up for the challenge. Last yr I joined Hairlista.Inc actually it taught me alot about what I needed to know about hair and all the Do's and Dont's. However, being a mother does not gve me enough time in a day to be taking care of *my hair* So I slowly but surely was not taking in the information like I was suppose to and as a result (I was a hairlista dropped out). I really want to do better and am going to take all those lil steps that's neccessary to bring my hair back from the dead. So i will be seeking advice as I go along and I dont have a camera right now but hopefully I will be able to update my hair progress as i embark on this journey! WISH ME LUCK!

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